Chicken Seekh

chicken seekh1


Boneless chicken(i used thigh) 250 gms
Garlic 10 cloves
Ginger 2 inch
Green chilies 2-3
Red chilly 1
Parsley chopped half cup
Spring onion (green n white both) 3
Capsicum 1/4
Soya sauce 1 tsp
Ghee 1 tbsp
Oil for shallow frying
Salt to taste
(If mixture after grinding wet n doesn’t stays on bamboo skewers than add breadcrumbs)



In mixer put ginger ,garlic green ,chilies n red chilly n grind giving few pulses.

When masala coarse add boneless chicken pieces ,chopped spring onion ,capsicum ,soya sauce ,parsley ,roasted jeera powder, ghee n salt n grind till chicken becomes mince and all ingredients are mixed nicely .

Soak the wooden skewers in water for 1-2 hours .
Wet your hand try to put meat on the stick to make seekh (bit time consuming but it will happen) if it is not sticking add little bread crumbs.

Place the seekh in freezer for 15 mins to from u little before grilling,
Heat grill pan n put little oil gently place the seekh on the pan cook from all side on medium heat till cook n turn golden.
Serve with onion rings n green chutney


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