Gulab Jamun served with homemade Ice cream and Dry fruits praline.



100 gms firmly packed khoya

1 Tbsp refined flour

1/4 tsp baking soda

2 cups sugar

2 Tbsp milk

4 Elachi




With the heel of your palm,mash the khoya, so that no grains remain.

Mix in the flour and baking soda and knead with help of milk intodough.

The dough should be firm but should not feel dry.(softer than the chapati dough)

Shape the dough into Jamuns try to make it smooth and crease-less. Th

Heat ghee in the kadai till a piece of dough tossed in comes up at once.

add as many jamuns as will fit in, without one touching the other.

Keeping the heat low, fry these till a golden brown all over.

Drain the jamuns out of the ghee.

Keep the gulab jamuns aside till the syrup is ready.

Mix equal quantity of sugar and water and place over low heat, stirring till the sugar dissolves. Make sure it does not boil.

Increase the heat once the sugar dissolves, and then bring mixture to boil.

Cook till syrup thickens a bit. It will take around 7-8 minutes

Take syrup off stove and cool for a minimum of half an hour.

Add cardamom and bring syrup to a boil again.

Add the fried gulab jamuns to it. Let jamuns soak for at least half an hour


Plating idea: Serve with dry fruits praline and ice cream.

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