Mutton Shorba with Chili Garlic oil 


500 gms Mutton with lots of bones

2 tbsp oil

1 big onion roughly sliced

1 carrot

5-6 cloves of crushed garlic

2 inch ginger crushed

1 tsp cumin seeds

2 bay leaves

2 blackcardamon

4 small cardamon

4 cloves

10-12 black pepercorn

1 piece of mace

5-6 slited green chilies

Pinch of nutmeg

1/4 cup mint leaves

1/2 cup green coriander leaves with stem.

Salt to taste.

Garlic chili oil:

4 tsp  oil

3 crushed garlic

1 tsp paprika


In a pressure cooker add oil add jeera and onion fry till pink, then add crushed ginger and garlic and fry till onion is light brown add all the spices, carrot and mutton and bones. Fry till the mutton is nicely seared.

Add turmeric powder chopped mint leaves , green coriander and slit green chilies cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Add 3 -4 glass of water and salt, cover the pressure cooker and cook till mutton is falling off the bones.

When slightly cool remove mutton piece in a bowl and keep it aside for plating. Now using sieve filter the shorba, squeeze out juices as much as possible as there is loads of flavor in it, discard the rest . Taste and adjust the seasoning if required.

For chili garlic oil, just heat the oil over low heat add garlic and fry till the oil get the flavor and aroma of garlic ( don’t burn it) after remove from heat add paprika stir well.

For plating , in a soup bowl or plate, place few pieces of mutton at the centre and pour the shorba over it and drizzle few drops of garlic chili oil.

Serve hot with crusty bread.


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