Mango mousse with whipped cream and strawberry coulis

Mango are in season and so glad got some good ones; Creamy chilled Mango mousse is one of the prefect way to enjoy at iftar time or anytime of the day.

The Sweetness of mangoes with tangy strawberry coulis is like a dream.

A prefect guilt free treat for kids.

This creamy mango mousse is so easy to make, it is delicious. And looks so pretty on any dinner table

*Mango mousse


300 gms mango pulp
1/4 tsp Mango essence
30 gms castor-sugar
50 ml thick cream


Puree the mango, mango essence with castor sugar. Sieve the pulp to remove any big pieces and make smooth and refrigerate for 1/2 hour.

Whip the cream and fold into the mango puree gently until fully combined.
Keep it aside to chill in fridge. 
*Whipped cream 


250 ml whipping cream
2 tbsp caster sugar 
Put sugar and extremely cold whipping cream into the big bowl. With help of hand held mixer whisk just until the cream reaches stiff peaks.
Keep aside in the fridge for later use.
*Strawberry coulis 


12-14 chopped strawberries
4 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp lemon juice


To make Strawberry coulis, in a pan add chopped strawberries couples of tbsp of water and lemon juice and cook it for 5-6 minutes. Cool and transfer it in a sauce bowl.

*Plating :

Mango mousse
Whipped cream
Strawberry coulis
Chopped fruits (strawberries and mangoes)
Crushed digestive biscuits  
In a nice tall start layering with mango mousse , decorate side with slices of strawberry , then a layer of crushed biscuits and then add couple of dollops of whipped cream.

Top it with strawberry coulis and chopped fruits.

Serve it chilled. 


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