Product review: Affs healthy Kitchen

This is a product review, have no affiliation with it.

I have been hearing from quite some time about Affs healthy kitchen nut butters, Golden paste and other homemade products.

And having school going daughter, I always look for healthy lunch box options, hence i placed order for Almond butter and Golden paste. Both the products had very attractive packaging. Seeing the products itself i knew it was my correct decision. I also received a free sample of Macadamia nut butter 😀

hter is big fan of peanut butter and real test was if she approves the Almond butter. She being very particular about what she takes in her lunch box.

ened the jar and dipped a spoon inside the nut butter was so smooth and thick spreadable consistency. It was spreading on the toast smoothly. One bit and we both just looked at each other and just gave a nod 😃

I did try the free sample of Macadamia nut butter, this was first time i was trying this particular nut was was bit hesitant about it but it was tasting yum..

I guess Affs healthy kitchen has loyal customers for life 🙂

The best part is it is 100% homemade by a loving mother, due to which i knew everything that is gone into it is as healthy as possible.

Golden paste smell heavenly and it is a prefect addition for all the smoothies and shakes. Or with just a hot cup of milk. I know this golden drink will do wonders whenever i have next bout of cold cough and flu.. but ofcourse I don’t need to wait for that to happen, i plan to have this golden drink everyday to build up my immunity.

Serving idea:

Multigrain bread with almond butter with blueberries and assorted seeds drizzled with honey.. it was yum 😋

I would really recommend all my readers to please visitAffs healthy Kitchen for more details of their other products.

Currently they deliver only in State of Qatar but i really hope the expands it soon worldwide.

All the best to Affs healthy Kitchen.


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