Hi! My name is Afroz Shaikh. Professional I am a lawyer but by heart a chef. My love for food from different cuisine brought me in the world of food blogging.

I am currently based in Gulf but belong to land of curries, India. Born and brought up in Mumbai, i was exposed to different cultures. I stay with a amazing husband who supports me pursue my passion, and daughter is is my biggest fan:) I am fortunate that i am surrounded with amazing set of family and friends who never fail to encourage me.

World cafe for U is my food blog which I started to share my joys of the kitchen experiences and get my readers excited about daily cooking and experimenting new dishes.

My style of cooking is simple and easy and the recipes thorough there is no room for error

i am not just passionate about food and cooking but also food styling and photography.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Afroz,
    Feroza your sister forwarded me the link for your blog. I must say t it is very impressive. The recipes and their presentations are very mouth watering. Keep up the good work… I will spread the word around as well…

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  2. Hi Afroz ,
    I came to know about u thru FF on FB. When i visited your site , i am amazed at how beautifully u cook and present it itself .. Ur receipes invite me to try them in my kitchen . Add me to you FAN list . MashaAllah may Allah give barakha in your hands and success.

    JazakAllah for sharing the recipes.

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  3. Dear Afroz , I know you through one of the well known groups on FB , and to see your recipes is always amazing.You have your own style of writing and presentation is always innovative. Glad to be associated with you and try out more of your recipes.All the best Dear .Much love .

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    1. Thank you Paarul for appreciating, me too looking forward to this association..
      i would like to tell even i enjoy you work and see lots of potential in you.
      Best of luck 🙂


  4. Assalamualaikum Afroz. I am a big fan of you since I saw your wonderful recipes and presentation. I love reading your blogs. May Allah bless you with love, happiness,good health and success always😊🥰

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