Jhatpat Murgh Masala (Quick Chicken Curry)

Past whole week i was down with fever, so barely entered the kitchen. So the meal were pretty simple and at times takeaway from the restaurants. After full of antibiotics and complete rest i feel much better though getting tired very soon. But i am glad that i am back in my kitchen. Today is … Continue reading Jhatpat Murgh Masala (Quick Chicken Curry)

Kashmiri Mutter Pulao

Hey friends!! Today i would be sharing with you a simple and aromatic rice preparation. No its not biryani and biryani’s younger sister hahaha.. i mean it’s Pulao 😃 Kashmiri Mutter Pulao is very mild and has sweeter note to it, so very popular with young kids and toddlers. In preparation we use whole spices, … Continue reading Kashmiri Mutter Pulao

Product review: Affs healthy Kitchen

This is a product review, have no affiliation with it. I have been hearing from quite some time about Affs healthy kitchen nut butters, Golden paste and other homemade products. And having school going daughter, I always look for healthy lunch box options, hence i placed order for Almond butter and Golden paste. Both the … Continue reading Product review: Affs healthy Kitchen

Beetroot and Avocado hummus

Hummus is appetizer or dip that has become popular in international food scene, it is not just limited to Middle eastern cuisine. It is very essential part of mezzah ( cold appetizers served with pita bread in beginning of the meal.) Homemade hummus is very easy to make and it tastes much better than store … Continue reading Beetroot and Avocado hummus

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

Summer vacation almost coming to end. Just couple of days then back to school. Wanted to treat Amal with something that is super fancy but was in no mood to spend hours in kitchen in this hot summer afternoon. Last week I had a cheesecake order for one of my client, i had a leftover … Continue reading No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

Cauliflower chocolate mousse

Many of my friends are trying keto diet. I saw they kept making cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza base and many more ingredients are substituted with cauliflower. But haven't seen anyone making dessert out of it. So i was surfing and come across this fantastic blog call 'Low carb yum' and saw this fabulous recipe of … Continue reading Cauliflower chocolate mousse

Eid-ul-Adha Special recipes

Eid al-Adha is a four-day Islamic festival starting on the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijja. In the period, many Muslims from around the world travel to Mecca to perform the Hajj . Which is one of the pillars of Islam.We all dress in their best clothing to perform Eid prayer at mosque … Continue reading Eid-ul-Adha Special recipes

Schezwan Sauce.

There one cuisine that every Indian loves.. and we have even given it our special name for it.. any guesses?? It's my favorite- Desi Chinese 😄 (By word desi, I mean Indian version) I leave no opportunity to prepare desi Chinese meal for my family and friends. As by now you know must have realized that … Continue reading Schezwan Sauce.