Ramadan Special: Safed Murgh Biryani

This my first ever guest post for a friend Lubna from Yummy Food. I would like to thank her letting me be part of this event which she does every ramadan for last 10 years. It is a global event for 30 days of  Joys of Fasting to Feasting , she gives opportunity to other budding bloggers for guest post.



We have almost finished half of Ramadan month.. and I would like to explain it in short as what actually its is and how do we practice fasting.
Ramadan is 9th month of Islamic calendar. It is the scared month of Islam, as in this month Allah had revealed the holy book of Quran, as a guidance for mankind. During Ramadan we seek mercy and forgiveness from Allah.

Muslim all over the world observe fast from dawn to sunset, we refrain from all pleasures of material world along with water and food.

We begin our fast by eat suhoor before sunrise and break our fast with iftar at sunset. Normally we break our fast with dates and water but followed with all the delicacies 😋😋

At the end of holy month we celebrate Eid ul fitr also called Ramadan eid by many..

I try and provide well balanced meals to my family during fasting..

Here i would like to share one of my favorite recipe i make during ramadan and its loved by all.

Safed Murgh Biryani; by name itself you know it white biryani 😄 This biryani is not masaledar like our other traditional Biryanis but nice and delicate but full of flavor.

To read more about the recipe, check the Lubna’s blog   Yummy Food.

Recipe link is below



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