Spicy Mexican Rice

If you are tired of eating Chinese fried rice ( like you can ever be😆😆) this Mexican style rice is equally good.. no preservatives from soya sauce or any store brought sauce. And all ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. The recipe is super simple and very forgiving, so you add or substitute any … Continue reading Spicy Mexican Rice


Missi Roti

We asian are very fond of our breads, those we don't use yeast much in our bread. The variety is countless, roti, chapati, paratha, nan and puris. Today i will be sharing with you a simple Roti flavored with herbs and spices, called Missi Roti. This roti is very common in northern part of India. … Continue reading Missi Roti

Palak Mushroom Malai

I have being very lazy past few weeks. I have tried so many recipes.. so clicked many pictures but haven’t drafted any recipes. I got to pull up my socks and get to working. What better recipe to start then vegetarian version of Murgh Methi Malai (MMM) . You find it's recipe here. This recipe … Continue reading Palak Mushroom Malai

Spicy Harissa chicken with roasted peppers served with Quinoa salad.

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you have welcomed the new year with a bang. May this year brings all the love, luck and happiness in your life. May all your heart desires and dreams are fulfilled. This year i did favor on myself by not making any resolution.. hahaha. As they don’t … Continue reading Spicy Harissa chicken with roasted peppers served with Quinoa salad.

Garlic- Herb and Parmesan roasted red potatoes.

With holidays approaching soon we all want delicious and yummy recipes that are even healthy as; I am sure no one likes to gain extra pounds during holidays. And I don’t even want to spend hours in kitchen preparing it... This Garlic- herb and Parmesan roasted red potatoes ticks all the boxes. They are so … Continue reading Garlic- Herb and Parmesan roasted red potatoes.

Cold Sweet Potatoes Salad

I love Doha this time of year. Everything looks beautiful.. clear blue sky.. crystal clear water....wind blowing.. trees swaying... kids playing in park.. the smell barbecuing at beach side.. If the weather of Doha would be same throughout the year then no one would go to Europe for holidays 😆😆 The weather turning pleasant, its … Continue reading Cold Sweet Potatoes Salad

Blueberry Streusel Coffee cake

Today is my hubby’s birthday. He is not a frosted cake person. He prefers a pound cake or banana bread instead of heavily frosted or a chocolate cake, which by the way I loveeee... Every year i would make typical fancy birthday cakes with rosettes and swirls of sweet icing. Which he would quietly scrape … Continue reading Blueberry Streusel Coffee cake