Nominations for The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Hello friends my blog 'World cafe for u' is nominated for The Indian Blogger Awards 2017, I would really appreciate if show some much needed support 🙂 Kindly click the below link and visit my nomination page and like and leave a lovely comment about my blog. Thank you for your love and support


Coffee Chili Rub Grilled Chicken

I love Coffee ❤️ The taste, the aroma and freshness... everything. I have tried and incorporated the flavor of coffee in my bakes, but never have i used it in any savory dishes. Recently I was watching Food Network channel ( BTW its my favorite channel, never get bored of it ) in that i … Continue reading Coffee Chili Rub Grilled Chicken

Barley pearls and sprout salad

Last night we went out for dinner at Turkish restaurant. The place was just awesome. Not just the taste but even the quantity was too much for my small family. By the time we finished dinner and stepped out of restaurant we three were totally stuffed. Today since it was weekend we got up late. … Continue reading Barley pearls and sprout salad

Pancakes with fresh fruits and honey drizzle

I had already cooked meal for the day early today as it was cleaner day, so I prefer finishing off my cooking before he comes. Lunch was nothing fancy, usual dal, sabji , roti and chawal. I knew Amal would make fuss at lunch time.. as there was no non veg. Normally during schooldays she … Continue reading Pancakes with fresh fruits and honey drizzle

Cherry Chocolate Kunafa tart

Today i was in mood to test a new recipe which i was speculating for quite some time. If you are fond of middle eastern cuisine, you must be aware of this baked cheesy dessert called Kunafa, it made of shredded phyllo pastry called as Kadayif locally. And drizzled with fragrant sugar syrup. It is … Continue reading Cherry Chocolate Kunafa tart

Aloo Gajar aur Matar ki sabji(Potato,carrot and peas )

It's weekend and my fridge and pantry is as barren as a sahara dessert. Normally I prefer doing my grocery shopping on first day of the week so that it last we till the weekend, but since I was just back from my India trip. I still had hangover of vacation and was no mood … Continue reading Aloo Gajar aur Matar ki sabji(Potato,carrot and peas )

An Afternoon at Borough Market ( London, UK )

I was approached by Paarulz Kitchen to be a guest blogger for her new series #shareyourpassion and I took up the opportunity. Do visit her blog, http://Paarulzkitchen.comHer most recent post of Kesar Kalakand is simple drool worthy.According to me she is next big thing in world of blogging.For this post I wanted try something new, … Continue reading An Afternoon at Borough Market ( London, UK )