Melon pieces 1 cup
De seeded cherries 1 cup
Lime juice 1tsp
Sugar syrup 1 tsp
Mint leaves 10-12 leaves
Black salt
1 cup Sparkling water/ soda

For garnish few cherries, melon balls n mint leaves



In a blender add melon, 1/2 tsp lemon juice and half cup sparkling water n make juice.
In separate blender jar add deseeded cherries, sugar syrup , 1tsp lemon juice , black salt n remaining sparkling water and blend it.
With sieve filter the cherry juice and transfer it in a glass.


Take a glass n rub lime juice on the rim hen turn the glass n dip in sugar.
Add loads of ice and few cherries in the glass .
Gently pour the cherry juice into the glass. With help of back of spoon very slowly add melon juice so that both the juices don’t mix.

For garnish in a small wooden skewer alternate cherry and melon balls and add few mint leaves.

Serve chilled


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