Beetroot and Avocado hummus

Hummus is appetizer or dip that has become popular in international food scene, it is not just limited to Middle eastern cuisine. It is very essential part of mezzah ( cold appetizers served with pita bread in beginning of the meal.)

Homemade hummus is very easy to make and it tastes much better than store brought ones. Made usually from boiled chickpeas and paste of sesame seeds. The flavoring is very simple, like garlic, lemon and cumin seed powder.

But I wanted to up my game add new flavors to hummus, which would be appealing to my daughter and would love in her lunch box. So added roasted beet and Avocado to make awesome tasting and full of nutrients.

This was really simple to make. I used fresh beets (boiled for 30 mins then cooled and skinned). It looks so pretty and would be great for a party. I found it a little too sweet so added a little salt, but then I’m a fan of spicy, garlicky hummus. Great alternative use of beets though, so I may make it again if the kids like it.

For Avocado just cut, cored and pulsed it with the hummus.


2 cup boiled chickpeas,

Juice of 1 large lemon

1/4 cup tahini, store-bought

2 garlic cloves

5 tablespoons olive oil

Salt to taste

1/2 tsp cumin powder

3 tbsp water

1 boiled beetroot

1 ripe Avocado


In a food processor, put tahini and lemon juice. Pulse for 1 minute. Scrape sides and then add 2 tbsp olive oil, minced garlic, cumin and the salt to the tahini and lemon juice mixture. Again pulse for 1 minute and then scrape sides and bottom of bowl then process another 1 minute.

Add half of the chickpeas to the food processor then grind for 1 minute. Scrape sides of bowl, add remaining chickpeas and grind for 1 to 2 minutes or until thick and smooth paste. You can use 2-3 tbsp of water while grinding to make it smooth.

Now divide the hummus in two parts.

For Beetroot hummus grinding beetroot with one part hummus until you get vibrant red smooth hummus. You will need to adjust the seasoning.

For Avocado hummus grind the second part of hummus with one ripe avocado. Similarly you will need to add little extra salt.

To Serve remove the hummus into a bowl then drizzle about 2-3 tbsp of olive oil over the top and sprinkle with paprika and serve with Pita bread or use it as a spread for open sandwich or bruschetta.


63 thoughts on “Beetroot and Avocado hummus

  1. I actually had no idea Hummus was so simple! I’ll have to try this for sure But i’m still wondering how does it tastes thou but it looks delicious here

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  2. So I love hummus. But my children not so much. I tried dying it with food dye ( see if they would like the different colors) but then it just leaves your mouth stained. I never even thought to try mixing it with other foods that are bold in color. The local stand down the road has golden beets I wonder if that would give it like a sunshine yellow color. then I could put out a trio for BBQ’s

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  3. Ok now I want hummus! I love the color that the beetroot gives, it is so pretty. I have to try eat some again, I am usually not a fan but maybe I will be again because it’s pink ^^

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  4. Beetroot hummus is something I love because of the gorgeous color and also because there are hardly any recipes in which I can use beet which my daughter and I for that matter would eat. Love this one!

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  5. I have to admit I am a big time foodie and I just love hummus. Around 3 yrs back I got a chance to visit Jordan and that was the first time I tried hummus, since then I am in love with hummus. Not only it taste good but it has the nutritional value as well. I will definitely try out your recipe, thank you for sharing with us. πŸ™‚

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