Thick creamy got chocolate topped with mini marshmallows I am sure during winters one of the family's favorite drinks is, of course, hot chocolate, whether young or old. This is the best hot chocolate drink you will make. Better than any store brought hot cocoa mix. If you enjoy thick and creamy hot chocolate then … Continue reading THE BEST HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE MIX RECIPE

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie Homemade Blueberry PieHave you ever bake a pie, well this is my first one but I am sure won’t be last, I have so much fun baking it.I am super excited to share with you. It has simple ingredients and easy to make as well.The pie filling is very easy to throw in … Continue reading Blueberry Pie

Homemade Fried Chicken (Copycat KFC)

Homemade KFC Are you a fan of finger-lickin' good" Chicken aka KFC??Well I am 😀Moist juicy chicken with crispy spiced coating.The original top-secret recipe by Colonel Sanders has 11 herbs and spices it seems.Today I managed to collect whatever available herbs and spices in my pantry and made my own not so secret recipe 😃And … Continue reading Homemade Fried Chicken (Copycat KFC)

Badami Malai Paneer

Badami Malai paneer ( Indian Cottage Cheese in a creamy almond base gravy) Badami Malai Paneer This simple paneer recipe is my recent favourite vegetarian dish 😄.If you had enough of onion tomato based gravy or palak based Paneer dish then you should definitely try this one. It is Almond and cream base dish, you … Continue reading Badami Malai Paneer

Salted Caramel Sago Pudding

Sago kheer or sabudana kheer is one of the most common kheer in any Indian household, and I would say its one of the easiest as well. Sago pearls are also known as Tapioca pearls is used in savoury dishes also like Sabudana Vada and Sabudana khichdi..My mom makes the yummiest one, but than everyones … Continue reading Salted Caramel Sago Pudding

Masala Omelette with Pav

Ask any Punekar or Mumbaikar their favourite breakfast…And you would hear omelette pav or Bun Maska and best place to have is at Irani cafes.. Bun Maska at Goodluck cafe, Pune. For me greatest breakfast companion - fluffy omelette and buttery pav. Masala Omelette with Indian Dinner rolls And if you are a fan of … Continue reading Masala Omelette with Pav

Cucumber Dill salad

Cucumber and Dill Salad Cucumber and dill salad is quick, refreshingly tasty and low carb salad. A perfect side for your picnic or BBQ. This recipe is a nice change from the creamy style recipes as instead of cream or mayonnaise, I have used sour cream. It is a super simple salad made with few … Continue reading Cucumber Dill salad

Garlic Chilli Mushroom

Garlic Chilli Mushrooms is so easy to make and very delicious! You will be surprised with few ingredients, the dish is ready to serve in barely 20 minutes, if this doesn't excites you then you haven't cooked enough during lockdown.. Lol Its a perfect side dish or starters for any meal. The mushrooms is roasted … Continue reading Garlic Chilli Mushroom

Carrot Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Summer is here and with summer there also comes BBQ season, and I love summer just because for BBQ. The easiest part of BBQ is marinating meat and chicken. But then there is salad usually it’s same boring ones… not anymore.I got the simple, easy to make carrot salad. It is nutritious, tasty and quick … Continue reading Carrot Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Aloo Baingan ( Eggplant & Potato masala)

Egg plant is very versatile vegetable and is used in every cuisine very commonly.Middle eastern cuisine has a very delicious dish made with eggplant called Baba Ganoush where eggplant is roast over the grill to make this smoky dip. Italian makes cheesy and yummy Eggplant Rollatini , they thinly slice the eggplant and roll it … Continue reading Aloo Baingan ( Eggplant & Potato masala)